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My hot teenage daughter Mary is temporarily bed-ridden. During the tele-health appointment the nurse suggests that I give Mary a proper bath. Will I be able to resist touching her inappropriately?

My hot teenage daughter Mary is temporarily bed-ridden. During the tele-health appointment the nurse suggests that I give Mary a proper bath. Will I be able to resist touching her inappropriately?

I am a complete emotional wreck. I don’t know what to make of the events of the last few days. I feel like this situation is getting out of hand. My daughter Mary and I are crossing more and more borders. Not well. But why does it feel so good? It has become obvious that Mary needs sexual release. I won’t blame her for that. It’s natural and she seems to go after her mother; her sexual desire seems to be considerably higher than average. But I’d feel so much better if he could find another way to satisfy himself without involving me. It’s so wrong. I’m her father!

Should she be brave and ask him if she should buy him a masturbation device? One that she can control from her computer tablet? I really can’t bear to snuggle with her. It’s so wrong when my penis comes in contact with her body. The worst part is that I get so turned on snuggling with her, that sometimes I feel like I’m losing control of her. But it’s so hard for me to xnxx-porn.mobi deny Mary’s wishes. I’ve always had a problem with that. She is too sweet, too beautiful. I just can’t resist my desire to make her happy and most of the time I give in. I wish her mother Debbie hadn’t passed away. Then she wouldn’t be in this terrible situation. I really feel sorry for myself. I have to admit that I can’t deal with this pain and all this mess. I can not think straight.

For the past few days I’ve avoided snuggling with Mary. I’ve even skipped bed to bathe her to avoid temptation from her. I think that may be why Mary has once again been in quite a bad mood. During today’s telehealth appointment, the nurse strongly advised us that Mary should take a proper bath from time to time, not just in bed. The nurse was under the impression that this had been previously communicated to us, but it was not. She had no idea that Mary’s arm splints could be wrapped in a waterproof sheet. When the nurse found out that Mary hadn’t showered since the accident, she told us to do it immediately today. I feel sorry for Mary. Seems like I didn’t take proper care of her. At the same time, I’m also dreading bathing her, being exposed to her nakedness again. I really hope this goes well.

I’m in the bathroom with Mary. She’s naked and she looks as beautiful as ever. I’m gently putting her in the tub. “Here you go, honey. Are you comfortable like this? Won’t you get in the tub? All safe? Mary moves her body to the sides several times and responds: “Yes, comfortable and safe dad. It’s all good.” Mary’s mood is a little better now. She seems to enjoy the change of scenery. I feel sorry for her. Having to spend so much time in bed, it’s no wonder she’s prone to being on Bad mood.

I am opening the faucet and adjusting the water temperature. The faucet has a long swivel neck. I am placing the stream of water on Mary’s thigh: “Is the temperature okay, honey?” Mary laughs, unable to contain her joy: “Haha, yes, it’s okay. She feels so good! It’s been so long since she took a bath! oh! “About time,” I tell Mary in a cheeky voice, pinching my nose, making a facial xnxxsexvideos.pro expression and a hand gesture that implies stink. “You are so mean daddy!” Mary responds with a laugh. “First of all, it doesn’t suck at all and even if it did, it would be your fault!” I’m laughing, too, and I position the faucet so that the stream of water is between Mary’s knees.

Suddenly, a thought assails me: “she can masturbate with the stream of water!” My heart leaps for joy. Oh Lord! This is excellent. I can give you some private time with the stream. She can turn the neck of the griffin into the correct position by hand and can adjust her body, just a little, enough for this to work. Maybe she then she won’t request to snuggle naked with me again! I’m excited! I’m adjusting the water jet to a decent pressure: “I’ll let this run for a few minutes until the tub fills up. I’ll be out in the meantime, finishing up some chores. Give me a shout when the water is up to here, ok, I’ll be right back then?” “Sure Dad.”

I’m closing the bathroom door behind me. I’m excited. This could be a game changer. I’m starting on some chores, staying near the bathroom so I don’t miss Mary’s call when she’s ready. Several minutes pass and I hear: “Dad, there is enough water. You can come back!” “Next!” I’m going into the bathroom. Mary is lying in the bathtub. Her head, shoulders, breasts, and xnxx-videos.mobi angled knees protrude from the water, the rest of her body is submerged in the translucent water. The bottom of her long dark hair is wet, slightly wavy, resting over one of her shoulders, the ends flowing to the center of her breasts. A smile is on her face: “Oh, this feels so good! It’s been so long!” She’s pulling her knees together and then pulling her apart.s lightly, repeatedly, creating small waves.

I can’t help but think, “I hope I have successfully completed her business with the water stream and now she is satisfied. I really hope she doesn’t want me to get in the tub with her.” I’m putting some body soap on a sponge and kneeling by the tub. As I’m about to start washing her shoulders, I hear Mary: “Don’t you want to wash my hair first? It’s been a while!” I pause briefly, then: “Ok, if you want, the sequence doesn’t really matter. Let me get the shampoo and conditioner.” I’m going back to Mary. As I’m about to put on some shampoo in my hand, I notice Mary’s unhappy facial expression.

“Is something wrong, honey?” Mary takes a deep breath and pauses for a while. “You’ve been avoiding snuggling with me, haven’t you?” I feel like lightning strikes me. I’m thinking, “Oh no, here it comes!” I have a hard time finding the words: “No honey, of course not!” “But it’s been so long!” I really don’t know what to say. she has me I avoided snuggling with her. Mary continues: “Would you mind getting in the tub with me? It would be so lovely. Like mom used to do. And it’s also easier for you to wash my hair xxxfreemovies.pro that way. I’m making excuses, but it would all sound like she’s avoiding her. She looked at her face, at her pleading eyes. Oh no. I can not say no! For a moment I’m thinking about putting on my bathing shorts, but I know she’d protest that. I know she wants to snuggle up nude style. She has made that clear several times before. I can’t take any more drama. I can do this! Just once.

I am taking off my underwear and now I am completely naked. I am placing the shampoo and conditioner on the shelf next to the bathtub. I lift Mary under her arms and sit her up. “Are you okay to sit like this, honey?” “Yeah, all good dad.” I carefully step into the tub. It is not very spacious. I never would have thought that I would actually use it. The water is warm and feels nice. I’m sitting behind Mary, spreading my legs apart, squeezing them past her body. “Are you okay Mary?” “Um… it’s actually quite narrow. Can you lift me up a bit? Let’s try it this way.” Mary sits on my lap, my smooth penis pushing against her body. “Better?” “Yeah, this is more comfortable, dad.”

The feel of her soft bottom in my lap, on my penis, her legs on mine, the small of her back against my belly, is amazing! I am immediately overcome with the desire to squeeze her breasts and kiss her neck. I am recovering. I take the shower hose and wash her long dark hair so that it falls over her back. I’m putting shampoo on her hair and starting to massage it into her scalp. Mary’s butt xxxpornclips.mobi cheeks are so soft! They feel so fantastic! I’m trying to direct my thoughts towards the task of washing her hair. I take the shower head and wash the shampoo out of Mary’s hair. I’m very proud of myself. I’m still soft!

“How does she feel, honey? Take a bath, wash your hair well in a while? “I never would have thought that I would enjoy taking a bath so much! It feels fantastic!” I am massaging the conditioner into Mary’s scalp and hair. I had never washed a grown person’s hair before I started caring for Mary. It’s such a weird thing to do, but I enjoy it. It’s novel. I’m washing off the conditioner. “Made!” “Thanks Dad!” “Now let’s give you a wash!” As I grab the sponge, I hear Mary: “Dad, would you mind not using the sponge this time? My skin is sore from all the bed baths with the wet towels. Now that I’m the tub, can you use your hand and body soap? It will be gentler on my skin.”

I’m surprised, but I’m trying not to let it show. She wants me to wash her with my own hands. Slide them over her naked body? Oh my God! I can’t help it, but I’m getting excited. “Of course dear.” I put some of the body wash on her hands and begin washing Mary’s neck, arms, hands, and back. Her skin feels soft under my soapy hands. I’m enjoying being able to touch her like this. It’s sensual, especially when she washes her hands with mine, sliding my fingers through the spaces between her fingers. Hmm! I’m rinsing out the rest of the body soap. “Your back is done!” To my surprise, I’m still smooth. I’m very proud of myself.

“Thanks, and dad?” “Yeah?” “Would you mind if I lie down? Do my arms hurt in this position? “OK.” Mary leans into me. I am reclining in the bathtub. Since it’s a small tub, I’m getting to the end of it that’s tilted, like a backrest, made to lie on, leaning against it. I’m lying in the bathtub, my torso sticking out of the water. Mary is lying on top of me, her back xxxpornfree.pro against my upper body.I feel her smooth round bottom on my smooth dick underwater. Oh my God. He feels so wonderful! “Ah, this is so nice!” Mary purrs. I put more soap on my hands and continue to wash Mary, sliding my hands over Mary’s body. Her face first. She closes her eyes, honey. It is somewhat peculiar to wash his face, eyes, nose, temples, behind the ears, cheeks. But I’m also enjoying it. “I’ll rinse your face now. All ready.”

She continued with her neck, her shoulders, her area over her breast. I’m feeling her collarbones. My dick is still liMP! I can’t believe how composed I am today! I’m skipping her breasts on purpose to avoid getting aroused and washing her belly flat on her. Her skin feels so beautiful under my hands. I have rarely been able to feel Mary like this. There was almost always something between her and me. A washcloth, towel, or sponge. Today there is nothing that separates us. it’s pure it’s raw Skin on skin. She feels heavenly. Oh no! I shouldn’t have thought of this. My penis is slowly swelling, pulsing gently against Mary’s butt crack.

I feel a strong urge to touch her breasts. I have never touched her breasts with my bare hands! I slide my soapy hands over her flat, firm belly. I’m feeling her breasts! Oh Lord. They feel so firm. I slide my hands higher feeling the round shape of her breasts. They are perfect. How will her nipples feel? The middle parts of my fingers reach her nipples. I feel my fingers run over her nipples, one by one. My fingers are spread apart and the nipple is squeezed with each finger, then returned to its natural position, then xxxpornvideos.mobi squeezed with the next finger, and so on. By the time my little finger slides over her nipple, her nipple feels hard. Oh my God! That was fast! I’m repeating this motion several times, realizing too late that my penis is now almost fully swollen and beginning to throb between Mary’s buttocks. Mary must feel it. This is so bad, but an overwhelming feeling of pleasure and desire washes over my body. I want to lick her neck, suck it! I want to nibble on her earlobe!

I’m using my right hand now to wash her left breast. I’m making circular movements, squeezing her chest, resting the tip of my finger on her nipple, encircling it. It is very difficult. My other hand rests on Mary’s inner thigh. I want to feel her pussy! I’m washing her inner thigh in circular motions, getting closer to her pussy. I want to play with hers inner lips! I’m moving my hand to the other inner thigh of Mary, sliding it in straight lines from her knee close to her pussy. Back and forth back and forth. Closer to her pussy each time. I can not resist! I’m extending my little finger a little bit. I want to feel her pussy! Oh my God! I just felt it! I touched her soft inner lips! Just a little, brush it off!

What am I doing? Why am I so shy about touching her pussy? I’m washing it after all. I have to wash it everywhere. You shouldn’t be a prude. I’m remembering how the nurses advised to announce what I’m going to do, so I say, “I’m just going to wash your private area, honey. It won’t take long, okay? “M-hm, dad.” Oh my God! I’m about to feel her pussy with my bare fingers! My cock is now rock hard, throbbing between Mary’s buttocks, one step closer to coming. None of us have mentioned anything about my boner. It seems that we are both pretending that she is not there. I’m circling her inner thighs, circling her outer lips. I am repeating this on the other side of her. Now I’m circling upwards, toward the center of her crotch, but well above her hood and her clit.

My penis seems to get harder and harder. I feel more aroused by the minute. Is this really happening? Is Mary moving her bottom from side to side, ever so slightly? Squeeze my dick between her and massage her? My God, she feels so good! I’m getting close to cumming! I can’t concentrate anymore. I need to feel her pussy. I rest my thumb on her mound and place my fingers directly over her inner lips. Mary shudders a little, squeezing my cock tighter. So much pleasure! “Are you okay, honey?” “Yeah dad, I’m sorry, I’m just a little ticklish.” “Sorry honey, I’ll just wash your flower. It is a good opportunity now to wash her thoroughly while in the bathtub. Please let me know right away if she feels uncomfortable, okay? “Sure Dad.” I’m starting circular movements on her inner lips. Mary tenses for a moment and pushes her bottom against my cock again. Oh Lord! She feels so good! I’ll cum soon!

I’m making another circle on her inner lips. How soft and wet her pussy feels! that she knowsheavenly sensation. I’m moving up, resting one of my fingers on his hood. I can feel his clit under her. She feels firm. Mary xxx-porn-videos.mobi is breathing faster now! Her flat, tanned belly rises and falls, as do her youthful breasts and in perfect shape. She looks so hot! I’m losing my mind! I’m running my finger up and down her clit, up and down! OMG my dick! Are you rocking her ass? I’m so incredibly excited that I’m about to cum!

Mary is tensing, pushing her butt firmly onto my cock. I continue stroking her clit, alternating in circular motions on hers inner lips and dipping my fingertip inside her just a little. Suddenly I feel her pussy contract. She is pressing her hips into my cock rhythmically. Oh Lord! This feels so good! She must be running right now! The thought of her coming while she’s lying naked on top of me turns me on indescribably. It is so blissful! Inadvertently, I have wrapped one of my arms around her upper body, squeezing one of her breasts tightly. My other arm is now around her narrow waist, pressing her closer to my body! Mary continues to push her hips ever so slightly but noticeably, grinding her ass on my cock.

What a heavenly feeling! I can not get enough! It’s so good! Have I ever felt better? It’s so- oh no! Suddenly, I feel a pure ecstasy invading my body. I’m closing my eyes, opening my mouth, barely holding back a scream. I feel as if I am one with the universe, as if there is nothing but pure happiness. Mary’s soft, warm body on mine! The feel of her breasts pushing against my arm. Her round ass of hers grinds against my hardness as I’m hugging her tiny waist! Feelings of delight, so pure, so complete, flow through me as I explode underwater and pump my cum. I do not want this to end! It is heaven on earth.

I keep pumping, contracting, over and over again underwater! Eventually it’s over. I’m releasing my tight hug to Mary and relax my whole body. Mary relaxes hers as well, sliding down my body a little, resting her head sideways on my chest. I’m trying to compose myself, grab the shower head, and rinse Mary’s body. “Done, honey. Shall we cuddle for a while while the water is still warm? “M-hm,” Mary replies as I wrap my arms around her, feeling warm and fuzzy. I’m so glad the sudsy, sudsy bathwater hid my mishap. Now I can fully immerse myself in a sense of comfort and post orgasmic content. The idea that the beautiful naked woman snuggling with me is my daughter seems distant, faded, and irrelevant in this blissful moment.

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